Wizard of Ooze is the 52nd episode of season 4.



Lydia has a dream which drops her into the plot of The Wizard of Oz. In the role of Dorothy, she must follow the yellow brick road to find the titular wizard. The adventure apparently takes place in the Neitherworld, as her dog Toto is Ginger. BJ is the Scarecrow, Jacques is the Bone Woodsman, and the Monster Across the Street is the Lion. Bertha is the fairy godmother (taking the role of Glinda), while Claire Brewster is the Wicked Witch. The wizard himself is Barry MeNot, but after the witch is defeated, he shoos them out of his palace. The fairy godmother reappears and instructs Lydia to say the magic words "Ripple dissolve to scene 326."

Lydia awakens from her sappy dream and finds Beetlejuice in her room, laughing hysterically. She asks him how he knows what she dreamed and why it's all still in black and white - at which point, Beetlejuice wakes up and realizes that it was his own dream all along.


  • This episode is a spoof of The Wizard of Oz (1939).
  • These are the last appearances of Prudence, Bertha and Claire Brewster.
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