Lydia asks this almost every time Beetlejuice is working on a get-rich quick scheme, if not acting weird even for him. Though a liar who tends to deny it, BJ is virtually always up to something or in some kind of trouble, and relise on Lydia to help him out with both.

Season #0 (Movies)
Film "Job" Scam Trouble Escape
Beetle Juice

1.Juno's Office Assistant

2.Free-lance Bio-Exorcist

1. Unknown, but it's most likely a get-rich-quick scam to be working for the main Counciling/Census Building of the Neitherworld.

2. This was all an act of trickery to get someone to say his name 3 times, plus he'd get paid for having his fun with the live people "Haunting" the houses of the few ghosts that live in the Outerworld (haunted houses are hard to come by these days... in fact, there's a rumored shortage!) He was released by the receantly-deceased Adam & Barbara Maitland as he could tell their own haunting skills would be pathetic ("Cute couple... look nice and stupid too!")

1.Unknown, but whatever he's done must've gave reason for Juno to be one of the first to know he doesn't work well with others

2.Although they released him, the Maitland's were not interested via his lousy social skills while talking business (good thing for him they left by saying "home" 3 times instead of his name, but they figure it out when he tries to outdo those "spooksters" in the form of a snake). After taking a break in a Whorehouse Juno made to keep him busy, he changes his escape strategy by trying to form a bond with Lydia, who seems the type to understand him, by introducing himself with chirades, but the Maitlands forbid her to say his name. When the Maitlands were unintentionally put to near-exorsism (death to the dead), Lydia makes a deal with BJ: he saves the Maitland's afterlives, but in return Lydia must be his wife (appearently, marriage plays a key role to braking his curse comepletely), but as he rushed Lydia into her half of the bargain... she's a child for corpse sakes!... the Maitland's interviened the union with a model-car hot-foot, followed by having him fed to a sandworm!

1.Once again, unknown, but this was most likely his first visit to the Outerworld (clearly he's a different species of ghost then the Deceased), where he somehow blew his cover as one of the undead by claiming he could "get rid of the living", then got into more trouble for it (the main clue was the resulting curse: the only way he can re-enter the lands of the living is if someone calls him by name 3 times, plus he can be sent back the same way)!

2. Unknown, but judging by how shredded-up his marriage tuxedo is, it took alot more then indigestion to escape the belly of that sandworm. Odds are, he was in the waiting room of the Counciling building as refuge, as his impatience to get out wasn't desplayed so obnoxiously as when he tried to get someone to call him out. You might say he finally saw a "shrink" when he angered a witch doctor by switching numbers with the old man.

Beetle Juice Goes Hawaiian ? ? ? ?
Season #1
Episode "Job" Scam Trouble Escape


Critter Sitters

Babysitter literally sits on babies (and lets them do whatever they want) BJ asks for Lydia's help because the babies were crying and he doesn't know what to do (she notices they are hungry, plus BJ shouldn't liturally "sit" on them), plus his feeling "like a kid again" causes him to cause child-like chaos over the Neitherworld with the babies, and only "grows up" in time to end up arrested and sentanced to be thrown to the sandworms. Lydia confesses (as a Neitherworld Lawyer) that BJ is her "Best Friend", and sees the good in him, thus spends time with him on purpose. Using a pep-talk to get BJ to stand up to a sandworm that was about to eat Little Arlo (the Outerworld youth that Lydia herself was babysitting), she convinced Judge Mental that the ghost was noble enough for another chance. BJ had the last laugh by causing the prosicuter (liturally and metephorically) to loose his first case


A Dandy Handy Man

Handyman (plus Exterminator on the side-lines) BJ doesn't know how to fix a leaky pipe in the kitchen sink and the power shorts out when he does a quick re-wiring on the electric dishwasher Getting some "Professional Help" from ghoul tools with minds of thier own, but refused to give them any recognition after he had them do all the work, the tools damaged the house in attempt to "renivate" BJ Upon the threat of both the tools and Lydia saying his name three times in annoyance, BJ was finally convinced to thank his ghoul-tools for their efforts and admit that he's a clutz without them. Had gotten the respect they wanted, the tools clean up after themselves and finnish the job... barely.


Laugh of the Party

Caterer for Halloween parties of the "filthy rich"

["The Great Beetalleo", Italian barber]

Cons Delia out of a purseful of change for "Gas-money" (he didn't even have a car at the time) and plus a pant-load for "expencive" party-favors... from the Neitherworld

[Gives one of the "Party People" a hairdo to make him look slimer... about 400 pounds slimmer, as the creature had dried out under a blowdryer for perms]

Uses Party People in a Can to get Lydia's Halloween party going before Lydia's real guests finally show up, but BJ used the contents of that can during a Full Moon, causing the Neitherworld Party People to grow into mega-sized monsters and cause distruction around town Lydia notices the "just add water" label on the can, and using her portable hai-blower and several of BJ's crazy ideas to dry the creatures out so they shrink back down to size. All's well again... until BJ flushes the creatures doen the toilet.


Worm Welcome

Sandworm Hero (for making a baby sandworm disappear)

Lydia accidently "Beetlejuiced" both BJ and the baby sandworm into the Outerworld

BJ was so indulged with the attention of being a hero that he puts himself on a "high horse" and doesn't come down until he's informed that the Worm-Your-Way deoderant Lydia's using drives baby sandworms BONKERS!!! BJ comes back to the Outerworld in the nick of time, thus saves Lydia from the baby sandworm, and the baby sandworm from a pair of poachers. He became a hero for real because of it... except to the local-yokels back in the Neitherworld, who hate him, more then ever, for befriending a sandworm


Pest o' the West

Sheiriff BJ takes the job because they claim it's a high-paying possision and everyone old respect him(turns out, the townsfolk were trying to scam him because Bully the Crud is coming and they need someone dumb enough to take the brown cow on) Bully the crud cheats in a Show-off showdown and uses yellow paint to turn BJ into a big chicken. After and old nag removes the paint and BJ sees a dark future for Lydia via a forced marriage with Bully, BJ manages to stop the wedding just in time, but gets challaged by Bully to a Slimeshooting match... and BJ has the worst aim! After BJ stalls for time, Lydia blinds Bully the Crud with her camera (Western heroes... and, occasionally, villians... love getting there pictures taken) so BJ can trade his slimeshooter for a bottle of barbeque sause. Bully runs off in the fear of being eaten


Bizarre Bazaar

Carny (and one ghost construction crew) for Lydia's Haunted House BJ likes to help Lydia scare the pants off everyone, especially as vengence on Claire Brewster Claire distroys Lydia's scary haunted house and makes a pathetic replacement all about herself... screaming over nothing! BJ uses props from the distroyed haunted-house ride to improve Claire's version, and makes and alternitive track through the Neitherworld to teach the spoiled brat a lesson


Pat on the Back

"Dr.Beady" Hair-tonic Salesman The hair tonic doesn't work ("I promice them hair today, and then I'm gone tomorrow") and he uses a "hair-appearent" mirror to get away with it BJ is so sure he'll get away with it that he claims to desurve a "little pat on the back" and gets one. Along with costing his friendship with Lydia, Pat talks BJ into thinking he can get away with anything, leading him into a "hairy" situation After getting rid of Pat, Lydia sends BJ to get plenty of the clipperbugs he pranked her father's garden with earlier, and they dropped thousands of it on the hair that covered the whole Neitherworld, clearing it away. Mayor Maynot took credit for it... and got a Pat on the back!


Prince of the Neitherworld

Royal Court Jester

Along with chearing up Prince Vince, BJ figures this way he can prank everyone and get away with it.

BJ got the job after agreeing to help the prince win Lydia's heart (the girl is a catch in the Neitherworld, what's there to do?) but it began to look like Lydia prefers Vince over BJ ("He's a prince, I'm a punk... he's filthy rich, I'm just filthy").

Also, the royal court wants to get rid of BJ

Lydia get's proposed to by Vince, who's stormy attitude reapears when she says she doesn't want to be a princess yet, and she thinks of those she likes in the Neitherworld as friends, but she cheers Vince up by reminding him of the fun they had together. BJ pushes the envilope in celebration by having the members of the royal court hanging by their toes, and Prince Vince laughs for the first time.


Beetlejuice's Parents

Waiter Waiting around for people to give him there money. BJ's father, Gnat Juice, is upset that "Junior" wouldn't get a job even though there are plenty in the Want Ads, and BJ explains it's merly because he doesn't like working, even though he's talented enough to anything. Gnat brings his son with to his own job at the neckbolt factory, where he explains there is a "curtain pride" from having a job, but BJ, out of boredom, turns the factory into a party and causes an explosion, causing the boss to threaten Gnat that he'd lose his job if he doesn't get his "one ghost wrecking crew" out of the way. Gnat is disappointed in his son. A sandworm traps Gnat inside the Neckbolt Factory, and BJ overshadows one of the factory's machines to put the sandworm under pounds of cement, then frees his father before becoming his abnormal-self again, and Gnat shown actual pride in his son. BJ's mother, Bea, tells him that they nag him to do things (like clean between your toes) because they love him and expect the best for him.

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