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Episode Number Air Dated 069
Date First Aired October 11, 1991
Season Aired Season 4

Vidiots is the twenty-fifth episode of season four.



With "Quack-Man" no longer a challenge for her, Lydia gladly lets BJ take her to the Neitherworld Arcade for the local video games, and ends up picking "Scourge" as her main entertainer, which turns out to be the toughest video game in the Neitherworld, not only because there's only one besides her, Deady Eddie, able to get past level one, but like Eddie, she got pulled into cyperspace by the game, which claims that those who loose meets their "dead end"! Beetlejuice uses his own juice to find a way into the game to get Lydia, but once Scourge grounded his powers with a die-ode, it seems the only way they can get out of the game is to win!


  • This episode is based on the live-action/animated, sci-fi movie, Tron (1982).
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