• MysteryGirl

    The movie Beetle Juice is by far one of the most original ghost stories Tim Burton ever made.

    " original alright, and nobody wants a sequel!"

    -Beetlejuice, Stage Fright

    Now that's not true, BJ! There are hundreds, maybe thousands of fans in this world that want to see you on the big screen once again. In fact, Tim Burton agreed to make a second movie for you, but he'll need a producer/co-director to get Beetle Juice Goes Hawaiian out of the vapor ware oven and have the tickets selling like hot-cakes (and don't bother... it's too much work for you to make a scam out of it); if I ever manage to meet the movie-making genius while I'm still what you Neitherworlders call a "breather", I'd take the job in a heartbeat! I'd gladly make improvement…

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