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The Neitherworld's Least Wanted
Episode Number Air Dated 100
Date First Aired November 25, 1991
Season Aired Season 4

The Neitherworld's Least Wanted is the 56th episode of season 4.



Four of Beetlejuice's worst enemies and the annoying Lipscum are organized together by a mysterious gangster named Mr. Big who's got BJ's number. Now, everyone in the Neitherworld wants to see Beetlejuice take the big fall (exorcism) so when Mr. Monitor makes a TV special called "The Neitherworlds Least Wanted" on the ghost's demise from the point that all of BJ's enemies trick him into saying that he is "coming apart at the seems" as they scatter his body parts all over the Neitherworld, and it's up to his best friend Lydia Deetz to find BJ's parts and put him back together before the sun sets... otherwise his powers will be so weak that he melts away! Good thing most of them getting their own TV shows make them easy to track, because naturally, Mr. Monitor is on the scene to gather ratings.


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It's a Big, Big, Big, Big, Ape Don't Beetlejuice and Drive

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