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The Farmer in the Smell

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The Farmer in the Smell
Episode Number Air Dated 044
Date First Aired October 26, 1991
Season Aired Season 3

The Farmer in the Smell is the 11th and last episode of season 3.



In this episode, Lydia is sent to stay with her aunt (May) and uncle (Clyde) on their farm while her parents (Charles & Delia) enjoy a second honeymoon. Because of this, Lydia and Betelgeuse (aka Beetlejuice) must part ways, as having him around on the farm might arouse suspicion of his existence to her aunt and uncle. But Betelgeuse is stubborn and when Lydia arrives on the farm, she finds Betelgeuse working as a hired farm-hand. He came along just so they could still hang out, but unfortunately, Lydia's aunt and uncle keep taking her out on "fun" outings and leaving "Mr. Beetleman" to do all the farm work. Of course, this drives them both a little crazy, as they want to spend this time together.


  • This is the last Beetlejuice Animated episode on ABC (American Broadcasting Company) Saturday Morning.

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