Ted Bastien

Ted Bastien has upon graduating from Sheridan College in 1983, with a diploma in Classical Animation, he quickly become an integral part of the animation industry. He began his career when he joined Nelvana in October of 1984 working as a designer on two sets of Star Wars: The Animated Series, such as Droids & Ewoks, which are both from LucasFilm Ltd. Ted has an array of experience, taking on such roles as layout artist, animator and storyboard artist throughout his 21 years in the business. His early credits include Babar, Beetlejuice: The Animated Series, Rupert, Dog City, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, on which he served as Production Designer & Supervisor. Ted’s experience as both a Director and Supervisor has also led him to take an active role within the Nelvana Studio, mentoring and guiding young animators. Ted’s expertise and talent led to his numerous directing credits, including, Little Bear, Anatole, The Magic School Bus, Gargoyles, Pelswick, Brace Face, and Handy Manny. The Nelvana director has been a creative force behind some of the most innovative animation produced in the country. Ted is currently directing on Mike the Knight Season 2 and resides in Toronto.

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