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Eating Ghosts

Appeared in Beetlejuice Film
"Whoa, Sandworms. Ya hate 'em right? I HATE 'EM MYSELF!"
Betelgeuse about the Sandworms[src]

Sandworms are a type of creature that live on Titan, a dusty moon of Saturn. They are minor antagonists from the film.


When Adam and Barbara died, after they returned to the house, and Adam decided to walk back out the door, but then the outside began to change into a dark sandy night. Adam heard a strange roaring noise and saw a coil sticking out of the sand but Barbara grabbed Adam, pulling him back inside.

Barbara walks out of door and fell down to the sand; she was lost and Adam went out to look for her.  When they found each other, the growling noise appeared from far away crawling in the sand and a sandworm popped out to eat them, but Barbara hit the sandworm; it shook its head and then made as if to eat them again, but Adam and Barbara went back in the door.

In the second appearance, Betelgeuse sent Barbara back into the sandworm land; she rode the sandworm back into the house and it swallowed Betelgeuse.  Barbara then jumped off and the sandworm crashed through the floor.


While they don't speak, there is an interesting cartoonish reaction when one is hit. Seems as through they have the personality like a dog.


Sandworms live in sand all their lives. Nothing more.

Trivia Edit

There are real sandworms, but they are nothing like their movie and cartoon counterparts.

Sandworm from the Animated SeriesEdit

For more information of the animated version of this character go to the animated article.


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