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Quit While You're a Head
Episode Number Air Dated 018
Date First Aired December 2, 1989
Season Aired Season 1

Quit While You're a Head is the 18th episode of season 1.



After Beetlejuice loses his own head, the headhunters captured Beetlejuice's head.


  • The capture sequence between Beetlejuice and the headhunters is based on a kidnapping sequence from Oliver & Company (1988), where Jennifer "Jenny" Foxworth (played by Natalie Gregory) has been kidnapped by a treacherous loan shark/shipyard agent named Sykes (played by Robert Loggia), along with his doberman dogs, whose names are Roscoe (played by Taurean Blacque) and DeSoto (played by Carl Weintraub), until Oliver (played by Joey Lawrence) and his friends, which includes Dodger (played by Billy Joel), resuced Jenny and escaped.
  • The name of this animated episode is a pun-on title: "Quit While You're Ahead".


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