Pranks for the Memories is the 8th episode of season 4.



Annoyed with Scuzzo using him as target practice for the Hanky-Pranky awards, Beetlejuice vows to give the clown a piece of his mind, and does just that... literally! The portion of BJ's mind which plots pranks and knows how to use his powers, called Brain-o, teams up with Scuzzo. When Lydia's plan to get Brain-o back fails, things go from bad to worse. BJ has Scuzzo's brain, Scuzzo has no brain at all, and Brain-o turns the Hanky-Pranky awards viewers into a captive audience to take over the Neitherworld and become the center of attention!


  • This episode is based on an episode of TaleSpin called "A Baloo Switcheroo" and the 1977 Disney movie, "Freaky Friday"..
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