Poultrygeist is the 27th episode of season 4.



Beetlejuice has a leftover chicken in his fridge since he the day he first moved into the Roadhouse, and refused to throw it out after he eats the insects that populated inside the rotten bird-meat... big mistake, as the chicken becomes an undead creature known locally as a "Poultrygeist", which is just the kind of nuisance to give BJ insomnia, no matter what he does to get the bird out of his house (turns out, a ghost can't get rid of another ghost, especially a poultrygeist, who happens to be the smartest of spectral species)! Will Lydia be able to BJ outsmart the chicken before his sanity cracks like an egg?!


  • This name of the episode is the combination of Poultry and Poltergeist.
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