Out of My Mind is the 5th episode of season 1.



On a beautiful day in the Deetzes' garden by their house, Lydia puts the earthworms in the garden. However, this one time, Beetlejuice sprays water in Charles' pants with a water hose BJ uses, while their octogenarian couples and their dog see Charles got wet. Unfortunately, Lydia tells BJ to stop playing pranks on her parents (Chales and Delia) or they won't let Lydia see BJ again once they find out about him. BJ ended up crying, so Lydia wants BJ promise to decide not to play pranks and he crosses his fingers behind his back. Unfortunately, BJ seems to have no will power against his love for pranks on parents, ruining his friendship with Lydia, because during dinner, Delia wants Lydia not to play with earthworms while Charles drying his head with a towel while trying to relax. To calm things down, Delia made famous spaghetti for the whole family, but BJ, who turns into the kitchen clock and into that meatball that BJ got obsessed, play pranks on the Delia family again by turning spaghetti into earthworms. And now, Charles and Delia sends Lydia back to her own bedroom as punishment.

Lydia got very upset that BJ broke his promised and doesn't have Will Power. She tries to tell BJ to apologize but he refuses, so she has no other choice but to have BJ magicked home, meaning Lydia sends BJ back to his homeworld by saying BJ's name thrice (three times). At home in Neitherworld, BJ was bored without Lydia as he's looking at the tick-tock skull clock but he jumps out and looks at the photo of Lydia (with the earthworm) as he misses her while crying. Later that day, he watches Barry MeNot's "Worm Your Way" deodorant commercial on BJ's tiny TV set. That commercial reminds BJ of Lydia and the earthworms... right before saying he "can't get her out" of his mind! Lydia gets stuck in his head, literally and seeing wheels making balloons. Unfortunately, BJ shooks his own head, making quake that causing to tumble Lydia down to the chair. As the train stops to its station, Lydia meets his will power addressing himself as "Will") who turned out to be a wimp that's always running away from Prankenstein (BJ's impulsive desire to pull nasty tricks). Riding the train of thought together, Will reveals that BJ thinks about her all the time... in fact, he loves her so much, there's a special place in his head for a Lydia Deetz shrine.

Now Prankenstein chases Lydia and Will, but Will shows Lydia about BJ's gross factory... and a shrine to Lydia. Now she gives a coin to Will for donations. As BJ passes through the mirror to checks on Lydia, but no one's there because he said magic things between himself and Lydia earlier. Meanwhile, Charles and Delia checks on a large bowl of spaghetti, just to make sure there are no earthworms in it. So they go upstairs to Lydia's room to knock on the door to check on Lydia as they apologize to Lydia for making a mistake, but she's not there, so BJ quickly uses Lydia's voice to saying forgiving words. And now Charles and Delia go downstairs back to the kitchen but when Prankenstein gives Beetlejuice a nasty one to pull on Lydia's parents, so Lydia encourages Will to do his job standing up to the impulse by preparing for the match with Prankenstein, The green-eyed referee says a simple rule, which whoever wins gets to control BJ. Will is a totally coward because Prankenstein is giant size, but Lydia wants Will Power to fight back against Prankenstein... by bite his thumb, ties his toes, causing Prankenstein to fall down.

Will Power may have won the fight but Prankenstein got up, doing hopscotch with each of his feet because his toes already tied up, so Lydia and Will rush to the megaphone to remember the cliche "Out of sight, Out of mind" as Will and Lydia get BJ to use it, freeing Lydia and causing BJ to forget what the prank was (though he knows it was a good one but not anymore) and has a better understanding on the way he thinks. A short time later, while BJ is combing his own hair Lydia brought two plates of spaghetti. BJ wants to have dinner with Lydia, but first, he owes Lydia an apology by saying BJ's so stupid for making a promise like that... and Lydia thanks him. And so, BJ and Lydia are eating spaghetti while dancing together.


  • This episode has a segment that Charles and Delia sent Lydia back to her own bedroom without supper for some pranks is based on 1963 book "Where the Wild Things Are" (written and illustrated by the late great Maurice Sendak), where his mother sends his son, Max, the mischievous boy, to bed without supper for wreaking such havoc through his household.
  • Beetlejuice's will power made it's debut in the episode as well.
  • This is the first time Beetlejuice ended up Crying.


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