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Otho Fenlock

Paranormal Dabbler

Appeared in Beetlejuice Film
Played by Glenn Shadix

Otho Fenlock is friends with Delia Deetz. He has a background of an Interior Design, is skilled in chemistry and served briefly as a 'hair analyst' and also knows a little in paranormal matters and was a top 'Paranormal Researcher' until the 'bottom dropped out' back in the 70's. 


Otho's personality is grumpy when he hears things like ghosts in the house or he will have a bothered personality. Otho is also very clever when he helps other people in the house. During the scene before the ending when he is revealing the ghosts and Betelgeuse arrives to save the Maitlands (Adam and Barbara), he is scared and embarrassed when Betlegeuse jumps on his back and makes his clothes rip into a leisure suit and then he leaves for good.


Otho mentions to Delia Deetz that he was schooled in chemistry and he was a hair analyst briefly. After his stint with the Living Theatre, Otho was one of New York City's leading paranormal researchers, until the bottom dropped out in '72.


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