Neither-Game Cashier

Picture (mobile version)

Neither-Game Cashier (or Mr. "Change-Guy" as the Neither-Game players called him) is an arcade game cashier in Neitherworld. He made the Neither-Game rules, which are "Play at your own risk", "Absolutely no refunds" and "No Loitering (littering)". He appeared in this episode of "Beetlejuice: The Animated Series", called "Vidiots". At the last & final scene of this episode, "Scourge" arcade game machine is completely broken to pieces (thanks to Mr. BJ and Lydia, who defeated the videogame villain and rescued Deady Eddie), the Neither-Game Cashier wanted money back but he disobeyed one of his own Neither-Game rules, saying "Absolutely no refunds", so the the Neither-Game Cashier got kicked out of his own arcade game building.

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