Mrs. Bugsly

Mayor Maynot's Secretary

Mrs. Bugsly
Appeared in Beetlejuice Animated Series
Played by Peggy Mahon

Mrs. Bugsly has insect features including feelers and an extra pair of arms, as her name suggests. Mrs. Bugsly is Mayor Maynot's efficient private secretary. A big believer in filing forms (in triplicate), Mrs. Bugsly knows more about the citizens of the Neitherworld than even they do. If she weren't such a low-profile individual, she may run for Mayor herself. But then the Neitherworld would be (shudder) organized.

Characteristic DetailsEdit

  • Name: Mrs. Bugsly
  • Profile: Working class
  • Status: Busy as a bee
  • Catchphrase(s): "Sign here, please. And here. And here. And here."
  • Identified by: Waiting all year for Secretary's Week; Doing more public good than the Mayor

Episode AppearanceEdit

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