Miss Sharpen

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Miss Sharpen (played by Susan Roman) appeared in the Beetlejuice Animated episode, "Back to School Ghoul".


Miss Sharpen is the Teacher of the Neither-School (School in Neitherworld) who teaches the Neither-School classes, which includes Mr. BJ (Beetlejuice) and Lydia (who's from real world), who both got into trouble after sent by the Neither-School Truant. At Neither-School, Mr. BJ studied hard, with Lydia's Help. For some troubles Mr. BJ caused, Miss Sharpen and the Neither School-Truant send Mr. BJ to the dangerous place, which has sandworms in it. That's why Mr. BJ has Sandworm-a-phobia, which was known as the fear of Sandworms. At the last part of the episode, Mr. BJ finally finished Neither-Kindergarten (Kindergarten in Neitherworld) and passed the Final Final test.


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