Juno's Office was the name of the office where Juno works. After she made a house (called Dante's Inferno Room) to distract Betelgeuse, she was working while the dumb football players bothering her. Now, Miss Receptionist brought Adam and Barbara to Juno. She was very angry about Adam & Barbara letting Betelgeuse out of his coffin (in the model) and letting Otho took the handbook. They've disobeyed one of the simple rules...Never trust the living. Furious, Juno wants Adam and Barbara to wait in her office while taking those dumb football players to the waiting room (or maybe the Men's room). Sooner after this, Juno wants Adam and Barbara to make scary faces to scare the Deetzes away. Also, Juno needs Adam an Barbara to go clean their own house and take all of the photographs and the handbook. After Adam and Barbara do so, the dumb football players return to Juno in her own office and informs her that they didn't survive the crash.

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