Beetlejuice's "Juice" (inborn magical powers) does make him the "Ghost with the Most", especially when turning a figure of speach into a horrifiying (if not somewhat funny) practical joke. There are times, however, when that power gets triggered by accident, leading him and others into trouble.

Episode: Juice Overuse and outcome: Other juicings include:

1. Critter Sitters

"I feel like a kid again"- turned himself into a baby. Didn't change back until echoing Lydia's suggestion to "Grow up"

"Flat Broke"

Biggest "star"

top "dog"

"big cheese"

2. The Big Face-Off

"I lost my touch!" - his hands fall off and Lydia has to put them back on again.

"I'm beside myself"- a second Beetlejuice appears next to the original until Lydia tells him to pull himself together.

3. Skeletons in the Closet "How depressing"- got flattened by a door falling on him.
4. A Dandy Handy Man "These Photo's all look good enough to eat"- not really using his magic, but he almost ate Lydia's pictures, but she pulled them away in time. "Just need a little elbow grease"- lost some grease from his elbow, and even said he's "down a quarter"
5. Out of My Mind "I can't get her out of my mind!"- said while missing her, he accidently sends Lydia into his mind until she and his willpower yelled he uses the counter-clique "out of sight, out of mind"

"Stay invisable"- posseses a flower and a gardenhose in an invisable man rutieen to prank Lydia's father.

"How can a meatball like me resist?!"- turns himself into a meatball before turning the spagetti dinner into a bowl of worms.

6. Stage Fright "Why do you always think that I have something up my sleave?"- A snake-like creature crawls out of the sleave of BJ's jacket, which he hids behind him in embarrasment.

"Me thinks young Clare need a bug in her hair!"

"She gets my dandruff up" (Lydia corrects him by saying the word was "dander", but either way, his hair was standing on end)

"Lets introduce her to King John." (turns himself into a toilet-headed creature with a king's robe, crown and septer and qoutes "To flush of not to flush")

"Lets get into character" (possesing Clare)

7. Spooky Tree
8. Laugh of the Party
9. Worm Welcome

"Great time for my foot to fall asleep!"-this one is obvious, as it was the attendednt Screaming "NEXT!!!!" that got him moving again

He didn't intend this, but when he claimed he could get used to the respect of a hero, he placed himself on a "High Horse", and didn't come down until he noticed how high he was.

"Gives me goosebumps"

"I really rather be skiing"- skiied down sandhills

"Thrown voice"

"Scared the daylights out of me"

"Monkey's uncle"

"Gun-barrel of laughs"- turned hunters' guns into snakes

10. Bad Naighbor Beetlejuice
11. Campfire Ghouls
12. Pest o' the West

"Are you calling me a chicken?!"

turned into a big chicken and ran away from the fight. Once the old nag he was riding removed the yellow stripe on his back (since western times, "yellow" is assosicated with cowardice or being chicken) he was his abnormal self again.

"I'm the last of the cow hands"


"I can see into the future."

13. Bizarre Bazaar
14. Pat on the Back

"How about a pat on the back"- an Irish-man named Pat grows out of BJ's back, and since Pat likes everything BJ does, it only leads to trouble

"Things are getting too hairy"

"Don't wig out on me"

"Hearty handshake"

15. Poopsie
16, It's the Pits
17. Prince of the Neitherworld
18. Quit while You're a Head

19. Cousin BJ

20. Beetlejuice's Parents

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