J.D. Smith (aka Dan Smith & J. Daniel Smith) is a Canadian writer and producer.

A top talent in the field of animation writing, Dan (for J.D. Smith's Nickname) is well known for his fast paced style and outstanding skills in concept development and comedy. Dan began his career as an animator and storyboard artist and was only later lured into script writing. This combined experience makes Dan an animation double-threat; delivering punch lines with the speed and precision of a stealth missile while never missing an opportunity for the visual humor so unique to the medium.

Dan has been creating, producing, executive story editing and developing animated properties for the past 20 years. A sample of his extensive credits include; The Gemini Award Winning Chop Socky Chooks for Aardman Animation and Cartoon Network Worldwide, Best Ed for 9 Story Entertainment, RoboRoach for Portfolio Entertainment and Teletoon, Emmy Award Winning Beetlejuice for ABC, Tales From The Cryptkeeper and The Mask for CBS Childrens, The Care Bears for ABC, Babar for CBC, Jim Henson's Dog City for Fox Kids, and the Gemini Award Winning Sam & Max: Freelance Police for Fox Kids. He's also the writer and story editor of Beetlejuice: The Animated Series.

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