Humphrey and Hanna Scuzzymoto

Humphrey and Hanna Scuzzymoto, who both are from New Yuck City in the Beetlejuice animated episode, "The Big Face Off", are Beetlejuice and Lydia's opponents in the "24 Hour Gross-Out" game show.

After Barf Biffman spins the gross-out category wheel, The first round is Synchornise Slime Swimming. As each team prepares to dive into slime swimming pool, Humphrey and Hanna tried to impressed their audience by showing them the swimming dancing, but are unsuccessful and got dragged out. Now, BJ and Lydia, who both covered in slime, showing the audineces the pretending water fountain and they cheered and BJ & Lydia won their first gross-out round. Now, Barf spins the gross-out category wheel, the second round is Muck-Sucking, so each team member uses the putral by swap straw to drink the whole glass of muck, but BJ's not fast enough to drink the whole glass while Humphrey drinks faster. As BJ kicks hanna into the glass of muck, before Humphrey gets sucked into the straw, but the muck erupted and splashed on BJ, Lydia and the audiences, so Humphrey and Hanna won the second gross-out round. Eight rounds later, two teams are tied. Now Barf spins the gross-out category wheel, the final round is Funny Faces. The grand prize for the team is scream vacation at The Geek Islands. The team prepares for the face-off in the final round. Beetlejuice uses the eye-popping face to scare Humphrey, But Humphrey makes the eye-popping to scares BJ more. Humphrey makes a toxic face lift and spins his head to scare BJ, but Lydia wants BJ to get back in this round, makes the lung-tosser (BJ's ugly face) to scare Humphrey, but Humphrey grows into bigger, making an ugluest face to scare BJ so bad, but Lydia whispered to BJ for an idea, so BJ uses Charles' face to scare everyone, including Humphrey and Hanna in the grossest of the gross and won the Neitherworld game show.

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