Forget Me Nuts is the 46th episode of season 4.



After being hit in the head with a satellite, Beetlejuice wakes up with a splitting headache and (to top it off and make things worse) a bad case of amnesia! Unable to recognise himself, let alone his best friend, BJ accepts the "stranger's kindness" of Lydia Deetz as she sets him up with an appointment with Dr. Zigmond Void, who isn't called a "shrink" for nothing! After Dr. Void hypnotizes Beetlejuice to split his personality (cloning the ghost in the process), he takes Lydia and the BJ-double for a wild ride in a submersible small enough to enter the subconscious of the original. BJ is kept entranced for half an hour (counting commercials), but the sub is a cheap model which keeps falling apart and leading them on disgusting detours around the ghost's body before reaching the memory-bank of his subconscious mind, where the withdrawal area is closed to to a frozen lock on the vault.


  • This episode is based on the movie Crossroads (1942).
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