Fast Food is the 4th episode of season 4.



It's BJ and Lydia's Frankenburgers vs. Scuzzo's Clown Burgers in the biggest fast food fight of the century.


  • This episode is based on one of the episodes of "Popeye the Sailor", which is called "Spree Lunch". This one time, Popeye and his rival, Bluto, own competing diners on the lookout for customers. The both of them try to stimulate the appetite of Wimpy, who has no money at all and has to borrow from them to eat at their switching places... until one day, Popeye and Bluto have had enough so they started fighting. Food fighting, that is, while Wimpy sets up a table for lunch between them in the middle of the road and catches and eats food from them.
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