Doomie's Romance is the 3rd episode of season 3.



Doomie falls hood-over-wheels for Mayor Maynot's convertable, "Pinky." Though not abnormal enough to be alive like he is, Doomie (as Lydia translates) knows Pinky's "feelings" for him are mutual. Unfortunately, both the Mayor and Beetlejuice forbid the relationship!


  • The title is a pun on the film Muriel's Romance.
  • There are elements of Romeo and Juliet in the story, although the ending is much happier, in the last episode Stage Fright, the play was Romeo and Juliet.
  • This episode seems to heavily imply that Doomie views Beetlejuice and Lydia as his parents, and they treat him like their son.
  • This is another time Beetlejuice ends up crying, along with Lydia at the end, though he does the same thing on few more episodes.
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