Donald "Donny" Juice is Beetlejuice's younger brother and also Gnat and Bea Juice's son, though who whether or not Donny realizes it gets on BJ's nerves.

He appeared in those few of Mr. BJ's animated episodes, such as "Oh, Brother!" and "Midnight Scum".

Characteristic DetailsEdit

  • Name: Donald "Donny" Juice
  • Profile: Neitherworld Man of the Century
  • Status: Let's put it this way: his credit is good everywhere
  • Catchphrase(s): It would be "Won't you be my neighbor?" but that's been taken
  • Identified by: Always having a gift on hand; Helping out whenever necessary (or otherwise)



An early script of the movie had Betelgeuse having a 'good twin' named Swallowtail.

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