Delia Deetz is Lydia's mother. The main way she differs from her live-action film counterpart is that she cares more about her family and is Lydia's biological mother rather than her stepmother, as she never refers to her as Delia but only as Mother or Mom.

Characteristic DetailsEdit

  • Name: Delia Deetz
  • Profile: Self-Delusioned Artistic Genius
  • Status: Well, she's got a reflection...
  • Catchphrase(s): "Why Charles! Whatever is the matter?"
  • Identified by: Bizarre taste in well...everything; Sharing Wilma Flintstone's hairdresser


Like in the live-action movie, Delia is an eccentric sculptor and an artist. A running gag inspired by a joke in the movie has her show Charles Deetz a sculpture or other work of art she made and assumes he likes it after the work of art scares him. She also acts a lot like a stereotypical sweet, but overprotective mother, and wants her daughter to abandon her interests in scary, other-worldly things and focus on more "normal" things for a girl her age. She is also very sensitive, as shown when she adopted Beetlejuice (who at the time was stuck in the form of a dog whose name was Odeious) and was heartbroken when he ran away.

Oddly, Delia also seems to enjoy the Neitherworld. When the Deetzes travel there, she always has a good time. Notably, her bizarre art is also very popular among the ghosts of Neitherwords. The Monster Across The Street buys one of her sculptures, and she puts on an award-winning show at a Neitherworld museum.