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Beetlejuice Animated Series Season Guide is the list of all episodes for Beetlejuice: The Animated Series which was active all four seasons. The animated show had an active run of 109 episodes. Recently, the animated series has only seen three episodes released on DVD format with Beetlejuice the film. Shout! Factory subsequently released the animated series on DVD in 2013, starting with The Complete Series as an Amazon exclusive, and they have also released the first three seasons to retail stores in 2013 and 2014.


  • Season 1 of "Beetlejuice: The Animated Series" started off on Saturday mornings on ABC (Season 1) which were 30 minute or 15 minute shows during 1989-90.
  • Season 2 of "Beetlejuice: The Animated Series" on Saturday mornings on ABC (Season 2) which were 30 minute or 15 minute shows during 1990-91.
  • Season 3 of "Beetlejuice: The Animated Series" on Saturday mornings on ABC (Season 3) which were 30 minute or 15 minute shows during 1991-92. It was aired in the same timeframe as FOX's Season 4 of the show.
  • Season 4 of "Beetlejuice: The Animated Series" on Syndicated on FOX's weekdays and were 30 minute or 15 minute shows during 1991-92. It was aired in the same timeframe as ABC's Season 3 of the show.


Key: S=Season(The season it aired in), #=Episode Number, N=Name of Episode, L=Length, AD=Air Date, WB=who Wrote the episode

1001Critter Sitters3001989-09-09September 09, 1989Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
1002The Big Face Off1501989-09-16September 16, 1989Peter Sauder
1003Skeletons in the Closet1501989-09-16September 16, 1989Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
1004A Dandy Handy Man1501989-09-23September 23, 1989Peter Sauder
1005Out of My Mind1501989-09-23September 23, 1989Therese Naugle
1006Stage Fright1501989-09-30September 30, 1989Doug Molitor
1007Spooky Tree1501989-09-30September 30, 1989Mike Keyes
1008Laugh of the Party3001989-10-07October 07, 1989Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
1009Worm Welcome3001989-10-14October 14, 1989Tony Marino
1010Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice1501989-10-21October 21, 1989Therese Naugle
1011Campfire Ghouls1501989-10-21October 21, 1989Tony Marino
1012Pest o' the West3001989-10-28October 28, 1989J.D. Smith
1013Bizarre Bazaar1501989-11-04November 04, 1989Doug Molitor
1014Pat on the Back1501989-11-04November 04, 1989Tony Marino
1015Poopsie1501989-11-11November 11, 1989Dan DiStefano
1016It's the Pits1501989-11-11November 11, 1989Evelyn A-R Gabai
1017Prince of the Neitherworld3001989-11-18November 18, 1989Therese Naugle
1018Quit While You're a Head3001989-12-02December 2, 1989J.D. Smith
1019Cousin B.J.1501989-12-09December 09, 1989Pamela Hickey,
Dennys McCoy
1020Beetlejuice's Parents1501989-12-09December 09, 1989Janis Diamond,
Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
2019Dragster of Doom3001990-09-08September 08, 1990Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
2020Scare and Scare Alike1501990-09-15September 15, 1990Tony Marino
2021Spooky Boo-tique1501990-09-15September 15, 1990Tony Marino
2022Driven Crazy3001990-09-22September 22, 1990Doug Molitor
2023Scummer Vacation3001990-09-29September 29, 1990Evelyn A-R Gabai
2024Bewitched, Bothered & Beetlejuiced3001990-10-06October 06, 1990Therese Naugle
2025Dr. Beetle & Mr. Juice1501990-10-13October 13, 1990John Halfpenny
2026Running Scared1501990-10-13October 13, 1990Tony Marino
2027The Really Odd Couple1501990-10-20October 20, 1990Tony Marino
2028A-Ha!1501990-10-20October 20, 1990J.D. Smith
2029Uncle B.J.'s Roadhouse1501990-10-27October 27, 1990Alan Bunce
2030Scarecrow1501990-10-27October 27, 1990Julianne Klemm
2031The Son Dad Never Had1501990-10-27October 27, 1990Therese Naugle
3032Mom's Best Friend3001991-09-07September 07, 1991Tony Marino
3033Back to School Ghoul3001991-09-14September 14, 1991Doug Molitor,
Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
3034Doomie's Romance3001991-09-21September 21, 1991Therese Naugle
3035Ghost to Ghost3001991-09-28September 28, 1991Evelyn A-R Gabai
3036Spitting Image1501991-10-05October 05, 1991Alan Wittert
3037Awards to the Wise1501991-10-05October 05, 1991Evelyn A-R Gabai
3038The Prince of Rock and Roll3001991-10-12October 12, 1991Therese Naugle
3039A Ghoul and His Money1501991-10-19October 19, 1991Alan Wittert
3040Brides of Funkenstein1501991-10-19October 19, 1991Evelyn A-R Gabai,
Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
3041Beetledude1501991-10-26October 26, 1991Therese Naugle
3042The Farmer in the Smell1501991-10-26October 26, 1991John Antoniou,
Tom Johnstone,
Kathleen Naugle
4043You're History3001991-09-09September 09, 1991Doug Molitor
4044Raging Skull3001991-09-10September 10, 1991Therese Naugle,
Burt Wetanson
4045Sore Feet3001991-09-11September 11, 1991Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
4046Fast Food3001991-09-12September 12, 1991Tony Marino
4047Queasy Rider3001991-09-13September 13, 1991Evelyn A-R Gabai
4048How Green is My Gallery3001991-09-16September 16, 1991Chris Hubbell,
Sam Graham
4049Keeping Up With the Bonses3001991-09-17September 17, 1991Eric Lewald
4050Pranks for the Memories3001991-09-18September 18, 1991Therese Naugle
4051Caddy Shock3001991-09-19September 19, 1991Julianne Klemm
4052Two Heads Are Better Than None3001991-09-20September 20, 1991Doug Molitor
4053Beauty and the Beetle3001991-09-23September 23, 1991Tony Marino
4054Creepy Cookies3001991-09-24September 24, 1991Gordon Kent
4055Poe Pourri3001991-09-25September 25, 1991Tony Marino
4056Ear's Looking at You3001991-09-26September 26, 1991Tony Marino
4057Beetlebones3001991-09-27September 27, 1991Katherine Lawrence,
Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
4058Smell-a-thon3001991-09-30September 30, 1991Larry Parr
4059The Miss Beauty-Juice Pageant3001991-10-01October 01, 1991Larry Parr
4060Sappiest Place on Earth3001991-10-02October 02, 1991Robert N. Skir,
Marty Isenberg
4061Brinkadoom3001991-10-03October 03, 1991Terrence McDonnell
4062Foreign Exchange3001991-10-04October 04, 1991Evelyn A-R Gabai,
Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
4063Family Scarelooms3001991-10-07October 07, 1991Michael Edens
4064Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Funny Bones3001991-10-08October 08, 1991Larry Parr
4065Hotel Hello3001991-10-09October 09, 1991Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
4066Goody Two Shoes3001991-10-10October 10, 1991Evelyn A-R Gabai,
Patsy Cameron,
Tedd Anasti
4067Vidiots3001991-10-11October 11, 1991Mike Keyes,
Jeff Abel
4068Ship of Ghouls3001991-10-14October 14, 1991Terrence McDonnell
4069Poultrygeist3001991-10-15October 15, 1991J.D. Smith
4070It's a Wonderful Afterlife3001991-10-16October 16, 1991Julianne Klemm
4071Ghost Writer in the Sky3001991-10-17October 17, 1991Steve Cuden
4072Cabin Fever3001991-10-18October 18, 1991Mark Edens
4073High's Ghoul Confidential3001991-10-21October 21, 1991Robert N. Skir,
Marty Isenberg
4074Rotten Sports3001991-10-22October 22, 1991Michael Edens
4075Mr. Beetlejuice Goes to Town3001991-10-23October 23, 1991Sandy Scasny
4076Time Flies3001991-10-24October 24, 1991Michael Edens
4077To Beetle or Not to Beetle3001991-10-25October 25, 1991Mark Edens
4078A Star is Bored3001991-10-28October 28, 1991Stephen Sustaraic,
Steven Cuden
4079Oh, Brother!3001991-10-29October 29, 1991Mark Edens
4080Snugglejuice3001991-10-30October 30, 1991Robert N. Skir,
Marty Isenberg
4081In the Schticks3001991-10-31October 31, 1991Patricia Goldstone
4082Recipe for Disaster3001991-11-01November 01, 1991Michael Edens
4083Substitute Creature3001991-11-04November 04, 1991Pat Corcoran
4084Ghoul of My Dreams3001991-11-05November 05, 1991Robert N. Skir,
Marty Isenberg
4085Prairie Strife3001991-11-06November 06, 1991Julianne Klemm
4086Moby Richard3001991-11-07November 07, 1991J.D. Smith
4087The Unnatural3001991-11-08November 08, 1991Michael Reid
4088Forget Me Nuts3001991-11-11November 11, 1991Lester P. Lester
4089The Birdbrain of Alcatraz3001991-11-12November 12, 1991David Young,
J.D. Smith
4090Generally Hysterical Hospital3001991-11-13November 13, 1991Peter Sauder
4091Super Zeroes3001991-11-14November 14, 1991Robert N. Skir,
Marty Isenberg
4092Beetle Geezer3001991-11-15November 15, 1991J.D. Smith
4093A Very Grimm Fairy Tale3001991-11-18November 18, 1991Lester P. Lester
4094Wizard of Ooze3001991-11-19November 19, 1991Alan Bunce,
J.D. Smith
4095What Makes BJ Run3001991-11-20November 20, 1991David Finley
4096The Chromozone3001991-11-21November 21, 1991John Halfpenny
4097It's a Big, Big, Big, Big, Ape3001991-11-22November 22, 1991Alan Bunce
4098The Neitherworld's Least Wanted3001991-11-25November 25, 1991Robert N. Skir,
Marty Isenberg
4099Don't Beetlejuice and Drive3001991-11-26November 26, 1991Dan DiStefano,
J.D. Smith
4100Robbin Juice of Sherweird Forest3001991-11-27November 27, 1991David Finley
4101Midnight Scum3001991-11-28November 28, 1991Robert N. Skir,
Marty Isenberg
4102Gold Rush Fever3001991-11-29November 29, 1991Michael Edens
4103Relatively Pesty3001991-12-02December 02, 1991John Antoniou,
Tom Johnstone
4104King BJ3001991-12-03December 03, 1991Steve Cuden
4105Catmandu Got Your Tongue3001991-12-04December 04, 1991Taylor Grant
4106Journey to the Centre of the Neitherworld3001991-12-05December 05, 1991David Silverman
4107Not So Peaceful Pines3001991-12-06December 06, 1991Michael Edens

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